Vector product packaging icons

These three very simple product-packaging icons were part of a much larger set that I created in a rush several weeks ago, but were never used in the final set. The situation was all too familiar, with a super-duper high-priority email from my client with a long list of icons needed for a presentation the next day. Yikes! That sort of stuff usually gives me the shivers, because icons are not my strong point – and I hate working in a rushed timeline like that.

The good thing is that these icons didn’t need to be detailed at all. As a matter of fact, the less detail the better, as these were going to be used to discuss abstract concepts and too much refinement would only be distracting.

The design language that I decided on was a simple line-drawing style, black and white, and void of color. Good enough for the intended purpose!

Click the button below to download the source Adobe Illustrator vector file.

download these vector product packaging icons in Adobe Illustrator format

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