Vector ruler icon

As promised in my post about the calculator icon, here’s another unused illustration from that batch. It’s a simple (and very narrow) yellow school ruler, and which was rendered in the same style as the calculator. There’s a bit of dimensionality here, but not much – this was designed in a pseudo-flat style, but you could make it totally flat by removing the gloss and most shadows. You could also go the other direction, adding more shadows and reflections to give it even more depth – it’s a simple enough element that I think it could look great in any style you choose.

I would also like to apologize for the fact that this icon is a bit sloppy, and I didn’t get a chance to clean it up before uploading it. It is a “trashed graphic” after all, and I’m busy enough that it’s not worth going back and cleaning it up trying to make it look perfect. 🙂 Anyway, If you look on the left edge, you’ll see that I’ve got some misaligned elements hanging loose – so you’ll want to clean that up a bit if you want to use this ruler for anything important!

There are more unused individual icons from that batch coming. I’m not exactly sure how many yet, because I think I just found some use for them in a new project I’m working on. Keyword: “I think”. Hey, you never know what the client is going to like (it’s always a mystery to me) so it’ll be interesting to see how many of those icons will live to see the light of day.

Vector source file

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