Vector silver award badge

Here’s another losing concept from the batch of award badges I recently created, this one being rejected for looking “too much like the Oakland Raiders logo”. Fair enough – I didn’t realize it until someone pointed it out to me, and I actually agree with that comment quite a bit. A real forehead slapper for sure.

The silver shield that is the core of this design was actually based on the vector silver shield illustrations I created a while back. I was racking my brain trying to think of some ideas for this award, and it occurred to me that those graphics would be a perfect starting point. See? is good for something after all!

I actually liked this concept the most out of everything I created, but my client ultimately chose a version that I did which was very flat and much simpler. The main reason for that was because the text we needed to place on this badge was quite wordy and it needed to be as clean as possible at smaller sizes.

And again, just like the other ones I posted a few days ago, I didn’t outline the text here – so you’ll need Eurostile to make edits directly to this file. Otherwise, you can use whatever font you want.

Download the source file

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