Vector smartphone template

I’m starting to find that one of the most frequent graphic design requests I get from colleagues are illustrations of blank generic smartphones. PowerPoint templates still reign supreme, but you’d be surprised how often I am asked to create illustrations of generic mobile phones for various presentations and demos. I can’t count the number of these illustrations that I’ve created over the years, and I find it quite interesting that none of them have turned into unused “trashed” graphics. Yep – every single one of them have been used in real product demos and other public projects over the years, leaving nothing left over for me to upload here.

But being the nice visual designer that I am, I decided to create some vector smartphones for the sole purpose of uploading to this blog. The truth is that I hadn’t even planned on doing it, but I found myself on a conference call last week that required absolutely zero involvement on my part – so I decided to be productive and create these graphics while listening in.

The design is fairly generic, but I will say that I used the LG Nexus 5 as inspiration. The overall shape is the same, but I took some creative freedom with the screen size and button placement. It’s definitely not an exact copy, so you can be confident using these for any of your public-facing projects without worry of copyright issues.

Finally, there are two versions of this phone in this Adobe Illustrator file – one standing upright, and the other lying on it’s side in a landscape format. I probably didn’t need to include both as it’s easy enough for anyone to rotate on their own, but the gloss on the screen is slightly different between the two. Otherwise, they are completely identical.

Get the vector source file

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