Vector teamwork diagram

I’ve got a lot of trashed graphics in my archives, and this vector teamwork diagram is one of the oldest of them all (dating back to 2006). It started out life as an illustration for my royalty free stock illustration collection, but back then I didn’t have much experience with vector art and I basically had to hack this together to get it into the form you see here. I didn’t really know what I was doing so It’s not particularly pretty – and as a matter of fact, I’d classify it more as an icon rather than a diagram.

But it’s got to be useful for something, right? The premise of the illustration is focused on a teamwork concept – all six icon-style people are arranged in a circle, each pointing to one common point in the center. Yeah, it’s highly conceptual but I think with a few modifications this could made into a pretty cool logo for a corporate team building logo (to be printed on a t-shirt or something).

Sometimes I feel a bit ashamed to post my crude old illustrations like this, but that’s the purpose of the project. One designer’s junk is another designer’s treasure! At least I hope…

Download the source file

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