Vector Twitter icon set

Apparently I had a fat-finger incident a while back where I inadvertently deleted my post about these vector Twitter icons. I hadn’t even noticed it until now, so I apologize for anyone who’s been looking for those.

Anyway – these simple vector Twitter icons were part of a set I created about 3 or for years ago (has it really been that long?) for a client of mine who was creating a generic Twitter sample app. This sample app was never designed to go into production, but it needed to look realistic due to the fact that it was going to presented to senior executives of a large Fortune 500 company. These icons represent some quick design studies for the app icon that would launch the app.

Note that they all have slightly different sizes and proportions – since these are just the preliminary concepts, we weren’t too concerned about making them perfect. The idea was that we’d pick and choose our favorite and mold it into an app icon after the fact. Normally I’d like to design it as an app icon first, but my client was more interested in the content of the icon than the actual shape. Anyway, none of these icons saw the light of day, so please feel free to use them if you have the need.

download this vector UI icon set in Adobe Illustrator format

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