Website home page wireframes in Photoshop PSD format

About three years ago I found myself whipping up a series of loose home page concepts for a client who wasn’t really sure what he was looking for (sounds like fun, right?), and here are three of the earliest concepts that died a horrible premature death. As you can tell, the structure of these pages was pretty much set – the main nav and footer elements were pretty much locked down, but we spent a long time trying to figure out what to do with the main hero graphics.

version 3 wireless technology homepage wireframe

Version two showing the homepage with floating tiles under a mobile phone

The idea is that the graphics would be very rich and slightly animated, so I built a lot of loose concepts in 3d thinking that I would eventually have to unbundle them somehow so that each element could be rendered independently of one another. Of course the client didn’t really like that direction (he had a different style in mind), so it’s a good thing I didn’t spend too long going down this path.

mobile phone home page wireframe template

Version three, which is a slight variation of the second

These mockups aren’t very detailed, so it should be really easy for you or your designer to add in more detail where necessary. You can also move the containers around to your liking – after all, these aren’t really anything more than detailed wireframes with just a hint of style and design worked in. But to be perfectly honest, I sort of like the simplicity of these pages. There would certainly be nothing long with leaving them largely intact and adding just a splash of color here and there to make them more interesting, but I’ve always been a firm believer that less is more when it comes to web design.

I’m still trying to track down my original 3d files for the illustrations used in these comps, and I’ll post them here when I find them. I think I even have some vector (EPS) versions of them as well, which should probably come in really handy for anyone needing generic smartphone illustrations like this. Stay tuned for those.

Download all three homepage concepts (zip file containing three separate PSD files).

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