Yellow and white icon set

One of the first files I uploaded to a few years ago was a simple icon set featuring basic objects drawn with thick white lines. It was incomplete at the time, and I uploaded what I had because I never thought I’d use it ever again. But I did. Sort of. One year later I found myself working on a desktop app that needed a set of very simple and blocky icons for the menu bar, and I thought that set would be perfect for it. I didn’t have all the icons I needed though so I went ahead and created this full set from it with a yellow and white color scheme that matched the design language of the app.

vector yellow and white icon set

Page 2 featuring mobile phones, cowboy hat, bug, and other tech-related objects

And wouldn’t you know it – the project was canceled not 1 day after I finished, leaving me with another set of unused icons that I thought that I’d never use ever again. But this time I wasn’t so quick to toss them aside. I kept them locked up in my archives thinking for sure that I could use them somewhere, and for years I’ve tried to force them into other projects I was working on. But it hasn’t happened. And now, enough time has passed that this icon set is starting to look dated and out of line with anything that I’m personally doing these days. I’m quite certain now that that I’ll never have a use for these ever again!

set three of the yellow and white vector icon set

Page 3 featuring a book, playing cards, battery, shield, and more

Despite the fact that they are getting on in years (style wise), I still think this is a useful collection. There are a lot of unique objects included which makes this a very eclectic set of icons: there’s a cowboy hat, brick wall, paint bucket, forklift…tons of useful stuff. And since these are all vector shapes drawn with outlines, you can adjust the thickness to match your liking. I think they would look pretty good (and more inline with today’s design trends) with much thinner strokes.

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