My name is Scott and I am a visual designer located in southern California. I work on a lot of projects in my day to day job, often generating concept after concept until the client is satisfied. But even if a project reaches the point of design perfection, there’s no guarantee that it will live to see the light of day. Budget cuts, corporate reorganization…or even a simple change of plans are typical┬áthings that can send a lot of otherwise great design straight into the trash. So what happens to all that work? There’s gotta be a use for that stuff somewhere!

TrashedGraphics is my attempt to save some of that work and make it available to the UI designers (and other visual designers) that I work with. I am often asked for common elements and parts from “dead projects” that they can insert into their own wireframes and loose mockups. I have always been happy to comply, but I never had an organized way to showcase and distribute all those assets. A highly organized blog that I could update and edit weekly seemed like the obvious choice.