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I’ve been trying to find uses for the 3d BMW logos that I modeled and rendered a few years ago, and I finally decided to see if I could incorporate them into some PowerPoint slides for a BMW theme. The template you see here is a result of that experiment. It turned out ok, but once I finished it I realized that I probably should have included that logo on the interior slides as well. After all, the image on the cover is very 3d and rich, while the rest of the pages are quite flat and simple. Having some 3d graphics on every slide would tie everything together much better IMHO.

Anyway, the cover slide is pretty much exactly what I imagined in my mind before starting this project, with lots of shiny metal with dark gray accents. I like metallic textures! I realize that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, so when I do this again I’m probably going to tone it down a bit so that everything isn’t so overpowering. BMW design is all about simplicity and clarity, so more white (with blue and gray as subtle accent colors) will probably look pretty good.

fully editable BMW logo rendering template

Need a high-resolution fully-editable version of the cover image? Give it a click to purchase the 5000x3000px Photoshop PSD that you can edit to your heart’s content. All elements are on a separate layer!

As mentioned above, the interior slides are pretty basic, and don’t contain any of the metallic textures from the cover slide. One page features a simple dark gray block ideal for placing images or quotes, and the last pages contains a table with that same dark gray fill color with BMW blue as an accent. If you are in need of more complex diagrams and charts, check out the basic widescreen template I uploaded a few days ago. There are some circle graphs in that one which would work well in this template.

Stay tuned, because another version of this one is coming. I’ll definitely try and go easy on the shiny metallic textures, and I’ll do a better job making the slides more cohesive.

download cover template

buy full powerpoint template

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