Industrial air conditioning and lighting PowerPoint template

I get asked all the time about how I come up with ideas for my presentation templates, and the honest truth is that sometimes stuff just happens by accident. That’s precisely how this industrial air conditioning and lighting template came about, and I sort of like how it turned out.

I was recently in a really cool design office working on a project for a client of mine, and I happened to notice the really cool looking air conditioning vents and industrial-looking lights in the ceiling. It looked awesome, and I thought that it was the perfect backdrop for yet another project I was working on – so I started taking a lot of pictures hoping that I could get something useful. Long story short: I never ended up using those photos for that project. But then I started trying to integrate them into some PowerPoint themes

The cover slide features a collage of several of those photos along the right, with the left side reserved for your title text and corporate logo. I also placed a light watermark image of a generic blueprint image which gives the template a bit more of a design related theme. The interior slides are white, using accent colors from the main page. This configuration, by the way, works a whole lot better than using that light blue as a background color for those interior slides. I tried that at first…and it didn’t work at all. Way too muddy looking!

I think this template is generic enough to be used for general design topics, possibly related to industrial architecture.

How are you using it? I’d love to know!

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