Vector bar code

Here one from my archives that actually gets a LOT of use. It’s a generic bar code. That’s it. Nothing more. But sometimes the simplest vector illustrations get the most use, and I use this one a lot when creating mock ups of product labels and other types of product packaging. So even though it’s not technically a “trashed graphic”, I thought I would post it here since it may help other designers who need a quick generic bar code for their designs.

I enjoy creating these types of generic graphic elements, because the kid in me likes to hide a lot of subliminal messages in them that only I know about. I was totally planning on doing it with this bar code too, but I created it when I was under a looming project deadline and I didn’t have time to give it a lot of thought. Sometimes I think I may never grow up…

download this vector bar code illustration in Adobe Illustrator format

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