Blue and gray flat style presentation template for Keynote

Several years ago, Apple updated their iWork suite in a big way, and I was most interested to see what they did to Keynote. But before I had a chance to download it and try it for myself, I read the reviews. They weren’t pretty. Basically, in typical Apple form, they stripped out all the advanced features from the desktop version to dumb it down enough to be compatible with the iOS version. That ticked off a lot of people (myself included), and to be honest I wasn’t a big fan so I’ve stayed away from it – probably more than I should have.

Basically, Apple was trying to get all of their apps to work seamlessly across all platforms (mobile and desktop). Doing so required a complete re-write of everything, and what they released was essentially phase 1. Getting everything working together across all platforms was the top priority, laying the groundwork for building up the features of the iWork suite over time – just as they did in the past with Final Cut Pro X. Their initial release of that total re-written software was very simplified compared to the version it replaced. But over the years, the advanced features eventually returned. The same thing is finally happening with Pages and Keynote, and I’m starting to get interested in using this software again.

Anyway, enough of the commentary. Although most every presentation template I’ve uploaded here on TrashedGraphics has been in Microsoft PowerPoint format, I’ve decided to branch out a little bit and start uploading more Keynote templates as well. Hopefully this is the start of that trend.

From a design point of view, this is a very basic Keynote template. The design style is flat, meaning that it’s free of drop shadows, bevels, and other dimensionality on any object. You can expect more complex templates coming soon, but I just wanted to do this one as a test to see what’s new with Keynote these days.

Click here to download this flat design Keynote template

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