Blurred background cover slide template for Keynote

I do so many presentation template these days it’s not even funny. Some days I enjoy it, but other days I can’t think anything other than bad thoughts. Presentation templates can be very difficult to create especially if the client is really picky or has some particularly oddly-formatted content they need to include. I usually get one or the other. Sometimes both, and that’s when the bad thoughts come into play…

Anyway, like I said – I’ve been doing a lot of presentation templates these days, primarily in Keynote. I just prefer Keynote over Powerpoint for it’s bare-bones simplicity, and it’s real easy to crank out a bunch of concepts for my clients quickly without getting stuck on little formatting issues.

This blurred background cover slide was something I recently created that never made it to the final round. It was an early design concept that I made when I was trying to find some cool background textures to use, and I like it. The client did not.

To make the texture, I took a photo of the studio space with my iPhone 5S and then blurred the crap out of it in Photoshop. I kind of like the effect.

Anyway, I have no use for this now, so click here to download a zip file containing the source Keynote file.

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