Commercial Aviation Keynote presentation template

I’ve been rockin’ and rollin’ on presentation template creation for the past few weeks, and I’ve made a few along the way that I’m not entirely happy with. The problem is that I work so fast that it usually isn’t until I step back and take the time to look at the finished product that I realize that what I’ve done is not something that I’m proud to include in my regular portfolio of work.

This commercial aviation Keynote template is one such example. The cover photo was something that I shot about 9 years ago, and I’ve always wanted to use it in a project of some kind. I finally decided to try and use it for a presentation template, but…I don’t think it worked very well for two reasons. First, the distance between the airplane and cloud layer is too far…the composition would have been better if they were closer together. Second, I think the whole template is too brown. That light tan color that I used for the sample table slide totally reminds me of the cheap vinyl interior of the 1980 Chevrolet Monza my mother had when I was growing up. *shudder*

Yeah, I could probably clean this slide deck up a bit if I really wanted to, but time is short and there are too many other things I’d rather do instead…

Download the source file

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