Flat design PowerPoint template built with table grids

I was recently experimenting with some different ways of building PowerPoint slides, and I discovered that using tables as a grid to place content into actually works pretty well. Normally I just place my content onto my slides in a free-form manner, not worrying too much about a grid other than making sure that all my headers and content blocks are in the same place from page to page. But using tables to control layout and placement of elements is really nice because it just simplifies everything greatly. I can just add a table wherever I want, and then add content into it. It’s basically modular PowerPoint design – after I’ve got a block of content looking the way I want, it’s easy to resize or move however I want.

Since this was just an experiment, the visual design of this presentation deck isn’t all that exciting. As a matter of fact, it may be too simplistic for some, and I know that the color scheme isn’t going to work for everyone. The good news is that since this is a table-based flat design, you can change the colors however you’d like without breaking the structure of the pages. And although it wasn’t intentional, the style is a bit similar to a Keynote template that I uploaded last year, which also features a flat design language with vertical bands of light colors.

The ability for anyone to easily make quick edits is one of the best things about grid-based flat design languages. There are no complex color effects and fancy shapes to tinker with – just blocks of flat color that can easily be changed by anyone without having to asking for professional help. As a visual designer, this benefits me greatly (obviously) because I can spend more time being creative rather than trying to modify PowerPoint slides to someone’s own personal taste!

Anyway, if the style of this slide deck isn’t your particular flavor, please stay tuned. I’m going to be experimenting with more table-based flat PowerPoint designs coming up, and I’ll make sure to upload some of my unused files here.

Download the source PPT file

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