Another version of the industrial air conditioning and lighting PowerPoint template

I’m the type of visual designer who can never leave things alone, and if there is something that I don’t quite like about a design concept, it will bug me until I fix it. Remember several weeks ago when I uploaded the gray and blue industrial PowerPoint template that featured some photos I took of a cool-looking office ceiling with huge lights and air conditioning ducts? The truth is that I wasn’t totally happy with the way it came out so I spent some time this week tweaking it a bit.

My problem with that original version was that it seemed too symmetrical and a bit more plain than it should have been. You can probably tell that my design style is very simplistic, but even that was a bit too safe and reserved for me – I didn’t think it did the photos justice. So what did I do? I randomized the cover slide photos a bit and varied the sizes of the blocks to make the whole thing just a touch more dynamic. I also added one more photo which extends all the way to the left side of the slide, which ultimately created a nice little container for the title text and your company logo.

The interior slides are exactly the same, though I did think about doing something different with them. It’s funny because my natural instinct is to make the content slides as visually rich as possible, then I remember the criticism I received from a corporate big wig years ago for doing just that:

Your interior slides with the photos on them suck!

Those words that have stayed with me ‘till this day. 🙂

One word of warning: I’ve got one more template with these air conditioning and lighting photos that I’ll be uploading soon. It’s a bit different than this one, but I promise it will be the last!

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