Simple pastel color presentation theme for Keynote

I’ve been working with Keynote lately, and I’ve got to admit that it’s a MUCH better presentation tool than PowerPoint is – to a point. For basic presentations (which 99% of us do), it’s really great – but for anyone looking to push the limits of presentation design with custom scripts and complex themes, PowerPoint is still the king.

Anyway, here is a Keynote template I started a while ago but never finished. My thought was that the bright colored bars on the cover slide were to be placeholders for rich photography, but my client at the time decided against the use of photos at the last moment. But the more I looked at this template, I sort of liked the way the colors complement the silver footer on the bottom of the cover slide.

So while I don’t consider this template to be finished, there’s something interesting about it in this raw state. I have no need for it unfortunately, so take it and do with it as you please.

Click here to download this Keynote file in compressed .zip format.

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