Three page PowerPoint template for school

I know there are a lot of students out there who use PowerPoint for school, and a while back I was working on creating a series of templates for educational use. This is one of them, and it’s here on because the truth is that I was never truly happy with the way it turned out. The problem (for me anyway) is that the books don’t seem to represent anything, and this entire slide deck never felt like something I could see students using to present their work in class. Perhaps I’ve been looking at it too long, but other school-related templates for PowerPoint that I’ve created over the years have been much more convincing and not as generic as this one.

But I suppose that “generic” can be a good thing. If I don’t think of this as a template for school or educational use, it might seem to fit in with a wider variety of business topics like research or writing. Even then, I think this template would work better if there were more details in the books themselves. These were 3d models that I built a long time ago that I thought would look pretty good on these white pages, but…meh. Can you tell that I’m not really happy with this design?

Another thing that bothers me about this one is the color. PowerPoint color should be subtle and not very distracting, but it’s difficult for me to not think of this one as a Christmas theme. This entire template is essentially red, green, and white – and more so than a handful of other Christmas and holiday themes I’ve done in the past.

Anyway, I hope all my complaining doesn’t deter any of you from using this slide deck to present your own school projects. Everyone has different styles and tastes, so I’m keeping hope that this one will be considered “perfect” for at least one student out there in the world…

Download the .ppt source file

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