Typography based Keynote template with woodgrain accents

This one is a little different, and as a matter of fact, it’s one that I like quite a bit. I made a really simple typography-based template for PowerPoint a while ago, but that was purposefully left sparse and plain. This Keynote template is a lot more detailed and much more stylish IMHO.

Unlike most of my other templates to date, this one doesn’t rely on rich illustrations as the primary design element. The cover page consists entirely of typography – the title is large and bold, and instead of just a simple one-line subtitle, I thought it might be interesting to place a short paragraph of description text with emphasized keywords. This layout is a fairly significant departure from my normal templates – I’m usually not such a fan of large bodies of text when it comes to presentation design. But why not? A detailed description of the content certainly can’t hurt!

Also different about this template is the table of contents page. I don’t normally include these types of pages in any of my themes, but I do find them to be useful in real life (and a lot of clients ask for them as well). I didn’t, however, make a page with bullet text – but that’s something you can easily create yourself by checking out some of my other Keynote templates.

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