Simple and clean air travel template for Keynote

Looking through my latest additions, it has occurred to me that many of my templates are travel-related. More specifically, air travel related! Don’t believe me? Check out this PowerPoint template, featuring a big airliner on the front cover. And what about the last Keynote template I posted? That one featured a 747 wing. It’s not like I have intentionally decided that this is what I want to focus on, but it just so happens that I have a lot of aviation-related graphics left over from other projects that tend to work well in layouts such as this.

This particular template actually started life as a more complex design for a client that I was fully intending on animating. I had grand visions for this thing – those circular graphics with the airplane icon on the cover slide were going to slowly animate in a circle once (each rotating at a different speed). It was going to be great! Then the project got canceled and I had no use for this concept – so I decided to upload it here.

buy full colorful simple air travel keynote template

The cool thing about Keynote is that animations like this are really easy to do. And I’ve separated those rings from the glowing magenta background image so that you can animate those yourself if you choose to do so. Heck, you could even delete them all together if you like the glowing background but don’t need those particular graphics.

One other interesting thing about this theme is that the sample table I created incorporates some of the bright colors from the cover image – so the whole thing ties together nicely.

All in all, this is a perfect Keynote template for beginners – the design is simple and clean, with organized master slides that you can customize to your liking.

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