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Going back to my Industrial Design roots is something I like to do every now and then to keep my creative mind fresh. I recently created some 3d illustrations of my own smart watch design (which ended up being perfect for these wearable technology PowerPoint templates), and I’ve got to say – it was a lot of fun. Yeah, my product design skills are rusty as heck but it was a nice break from all the PowerPoint design I’ve been doing lately.

In the beginning, I was never sure what all the buzz was about regarding smart watches and wearable technology. I had never been a watch kind of guy, and my mobile phone had been my primary source for quick bits of information and entertainment on the go.

Why would I need a watch to do the same thing – especially in a more inconvenient form factor? I suspected it to be more of a fashion accessory than anything else, something I’m not much interested in.

Then I got my first Apple Watch and my feelings changed. Instantly. I quickly realized that having a communication device on my body (that is with me all the time) was liberating. Suddenly I didn’t have to take my clunky smart phone with me everywhere!

Being a tech nerd in the tech industry, I know that smart watches and wearable technology is what everybody is talking about. That’s why I thought it would be perfect to take that illustration I made and incorporate it into two different wearable technology PowerPoint template designs.

Nothing defines wearable technology better than a smart watch

The cover slide of the first template features a large version of the silver and gray smart watch over a black and white background, positioned so that the screen is the focus of attention. This will allow you to easily place your own logo or image onto it.

Wearable technology PowerPoint template

Fully editable Microsoft Powerpoint presentation template. Includes cover, text, and table pages. Gray and white wearable technology theme.

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The interior slides have a smaller version of the same device, pushed out and away from the content of each slide. The bottom right hand corner is reserved for you to place your own logo.

An alternative version with a horizontal layout

Ok, let’s try this again. To be honest, I was never really happy with the way the first one (above) turned out. It’s hard to put my finger on what exactly I didn’t like about it, but it’s overall simplicity might have been screwing with me.

Although I’m usually the type of designer who believes that less truly is more, I don’t feel that template fit into that category. Instead, it just looked unfinished to me.

So with that in mind, I changed things up a little. This wearables PowerPoint template is visually strong, with the cover slide featuring the smart watch contained inside a horizontal banner which extends the entire width of the slide.

The cool part about this is that it’s positioned with the idea in mind that you could map your own UI onto the screen, which will then act as the focal point. If you’re a UI or UX designer who is designing a killer smart phone app, this is your presentation template.

Smart watch PowerPoint template

Fully editable Microsoft Powerpoint presentation template. Includes cover, text, and table pages. A slightly different version of the wearables template with a zoomed in image of the watch face.

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I purposely decided to keep the color in this template to a minimum, with only a few subtle hits of blue in the details. I’d recommend changing this blue color to match the primary color in your logo – it will go a long way in helping to make this template uniquely yours.

Other ways to make these wearable tech templates your own

I realize that the wearable technology industry is huge and extends well beyond smart watches, so there are a few things you can do to these ppt slides to make them your own:

  • First, take advantage of the fact that they are relatively simple designs and replace my images with yours. A wearable technology PowerPoint template can feature any kind of tech image ranging from conductive clothing to VR goggles. Get creative!
  • Second, both of these templates were designed with minimal color – on purpose (I’m a big fan of the color gray by the way). This means that adding your own high-color UI over top of the watch faces will mean that it will jump off the slides and make your presentation visually stunning. It’s your technology that should be the star of the show – not my humble wearable technology PowerPoint template designs.
  • If you need a PowerPoint template featuring an analog watch, you might consider replacing the smart watch images in this template with my 3d watch renderings.

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