PowerPoint templates for law enforcement and police departments

I’m not a police officer, and I don’t know anyone who is, so I have to ask: do cops need presentation templates? Surely they must – every organization has meetings and information they need to share, right? I’ve certainly spent enough time in corporate America to know that there are people who will create any excuse to schedule a meeting involving a presentation or two! Therefore, here are three templates just for those of you out there looking for presentation templates for use at your next big police department staff meeting.

Law enforcement PowerPoint template with handcuffs

To be honest, I didn’t create this template with the police in mind. The cover slide features a pair of large silver handcuffs over a dark surface, which is symbolic of “security” more than anything else – so there’s really no reason why you couldn’t use this theme for something like IT security if you’d like. And come to think of it, there are a lot of independent security companies who might have a use for this as well.

Law enforcement PowerPoint theme

Law enforcement PowerPoint theme with large handcuffs on the cover slide

If you really wanted to think outside the box, how about thinking of the open handcuff as a metaphor for “escape”? That opens up this template to all kinds of new uses, completely unrelated to the world of law enforcement.

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Even though there are several obvious alternative uses for this one, I created this theme using dark colors to emphasize strength and power – attributes which are important when it comes to security issues. If it’s too dark for your tastes, you could darken things up by adding additional color to additional elements such as the table. Even adding your colorful logo to these slides will help as well.

Drinking and driving enforcement template for PowerPoint

Drinking and driving powerpoint template

Drinking and driving enforcement template – perfect for educating students!

Face it – drinking and driving is a huge problem all over the world, and I built this PowerPoint template to be used by law enforcement officials who give presentations about the dangers of drinking and driving to students. Because of that, I made it a point to use bright colors and strong graphics in this one – including placing the handcuffs on every slide. It’s a serious template built for a serious topic!

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You should note that all of the colors in this theme are fully editable, so it’s really easy and simple to tweak the layout and color palette to a style that fits your own preferences. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about creating PowerPoint templates over the years, it’s that it’s darn near impossible to make everyone happy. And I’d rather not get on the bad side of anyone who works in a police department…

Police force PowerPoint template with handcuffs and wire cables

Here’s another black and white template just like the first one, featuring a large pair of silver handcuffs on the cover slide. The difference between this one and that first one is the wire cables that the handcuffs are attached to. Think of that attachment as being a metaphor for being “locked up”, and that’ll make this fully editable three page template perfect for police departments.

Police force PowerPoint theme

Police force PowerPoint theme with large handcuffs attached to a cable

I also chose not to use the handcuffs on the interior slides, mostly because the graphics on these interior slides are a bit heavier and richer than that other slide deck and I was worried about going overboard with the design elements and turning this theme into a hot mess that wouldn’t be useful for anything. However, if you’re the type who likes to go heavy on graphics, you might consider mixing this template with some of the slides from my black and silver NFL template – it compliments this one nicely and you could easily pull some of the silver and black page elements out of it to use on this one.

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Another thing worth mentioning about this layout is the fact that there are two different table styles included. One is a full-screen modular design with space underneath it to feature impactful quotes (like, say, “you have the right to remain silent!” lol) but it’s a big enough area that you could place other graphics there as well.

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