Acoustic guitar PowerPoint presentation template

Several years ago I built a 3d model of an acoustic guitar for my stock illustration collection, and it’s proven itself to be a valuable asset over the years. I’ve used this same guitar model for a variety of projects many clients, and I thought that it would be perfect as the basis for a PowerPoint theme.

Other than the cover slide, this is a very basic template. But remember – “basic” doesn’t have to mean boring, especially when it comes to PowerPoint templates. The cover slide features a high-resolution rendering of that acoustic guitar model, with a thin transparent black overlay which acts as a nice banner space for your titles. The area immediately below is finished in a shiny silver texture and is intended as the container for placing your logo any copyright information you wish to include. And if you haven’t been able to tell by now, I’m a big fan of silver and metal textures. My recent blank photo template was stuffed to the rafters with it.

I thought really hard about incorporating a guitar (or any other musical element) into the interior slides, but the truth is that it really isn’t necessary. I tend to add these types of secondary elements into most of my other presentation templates, but I do admit that they sometimes get in the way. I think it comes down to a personal choice anyway – some like as much bling as possible, while others place high value on raw simplicity. I think that I fall somewhere in between…

Download this acoustic guitar template by clicking here.

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