PowerPoint template for nature lovers

Here’s another PowerPoint template that was inspired by a nature photo I took long ago. Several years ago my wife and I took a side trip to Kyoto Japan while visiting her parents in Hiroshima, and I instantly fell in love with the with the peaceful tranquility of the bamboo forests there. I’ve never seen anything like that in my life, so it was a really powerful experience standing there at the base of the trees listening to the rain fall. Total zen experience.

Anyway, I pretty much borrowed the structure of this presentation template from the San Francisco Bay Bridge theme I uploaded last week. That means that the generic logo style and slide structures are the same, with the only difference being color swaps. I do have to say that I like that San Francisco template better than this one – which sort of bums me out because I thought that the bright green colors in this one would make for a more interesting slide deck. But that’s just the way it goes some times – I just never know how something is going to turn out until I actually do it.

However, I think this particular template is versatile in the fact that it would be totally perfect for any presentation or topic related to environmental or nature themes. You could also use it for topics about Asia or, more specifically, Japan – but it’s generic enough not to be limited to what I’m describing here.

I should also point out that this template shows what a generic quote block would look like on the main content slide. You can eliminate that if you want – just delete it and pull over the bulleted text list (it won’t break the master slides).

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