Orange and gray presentation theme with a world map and push pins

I’ll admit it: I like the idea of using push pin illustrations in PowerPoint templates. Not only because they look kind of neat, but mostly because it’s just the perfect sort of graphic that fits so many metaphors in the business world! The push pin can act as a metaphor for mapping, pinning, holding, marking, etc – it’s pretty much limitless the more you think about it.

Anyway, I adopted the “mapping” analogy for this template. The cover slide features two large push pins inserted into a watermarked world map, over top of an orange and gray textured background. And yes, don’t worry. Those large pins are separate (floating) graphics that you can position anywhere. Yes, I’ve got all you regional and global sales managers in mind. Mark your territory with ease! You can also scale them quite easily without losing any quality.

I also made sure to keep the keep the cover slide as simple as possible, as it’s usually fairly difficult to create a very complex intro slide that will make a lot of people happy. It’s important that your presentation slides match the content you are showing, so the more complex the design is means less of a chance that it will work for everyone. For example, my NFL template is a very specific and complex design that won’t appeal to everyone. Nothing in the cover slide for that template is editable, so I know that I’ve pretty much limited the user base for it. But it was ok in that situation, because unlike this template, I wasn’t trying to make it as useful as possible for as many people as I could. My recent Facebook theme falls into the narrow-niche category as well.

The interior slides are pretty simple as well. I decided to leave out any push pins on these pages, but you can copy and paste them from the cover if you are feeling a bit creative and want to place them elsewhere in your template. The world map does carry over, however, although in a very muted way – it’s hardly noticeable, and may not even show up when projected in a brightly lit room. There is also a sliver of the orange banner on the left hand side of the page.

You can download this world map template by clicking here.

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