Corporate office building icons and badges

If you work in a corporate design department long enough, you’ll be asked to create icons or badges to promote something going on at your office. As a matter of fact, I think I spent just as long on these types of little side projects as I did on real (billable) design tasks. Word spreads like wildfire in dry corporate environments that there is a “graphic artist” on site, and I was that guy for a long time.

This set of office building icons and badges are one such example of me being “voluntold” to create some graphics for an upcoming corporate event. This was over six years ago, so I can’t recall exactly what the event was all about, but these were the leftovers. As a matter of fact, the project died before I ever go the chance to send the final graphics over to the printer.

Anyway, the reason I call these both icons and badges is that you could probably use them for either purpose. The circular format of these are perfect for adding some text and conveying a message (the purpose of a badge), but the illustration of the office building could very well stand as an icon all by itself.

If you do decide to turn these into proper badges, use varied weights, and placing a curved banner over top (with text) will add a ton of visual interest. Adding color will help as well – these particular illustrations are very dull with muted grey and blue, but that’s as wild as they let me get in the corporate world.

Get the vector source file!

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