Vector line drawing of a 1996 Ford Mustang GT wheel

As an avid 3d modeler, I recently decided that I wanted to start building digital 3d models of all the cars I’ve owned through the years. The first one I decided to build was an exact replica of my beloved 1996 Ford Mustang – not a desirable car by any means, but it will always hold a special place in my heart for the memories alone. Good memories as well as bad…it certainly wasn’t a trouble-free automobile.

I usually start with the wheels whenever building a car in 3d, as I find them to be one of the most complex parts of the entire model. I’ve learned from past experience that saving the difficult stuff to the end usually results in frustration and rushing through only to get it done as quickly as possible (not worrying about being perfect). I hate that!

The optional 17” wheels that were on my car were fairly complex designs, and I figured out that it was actually easier for me to draw the outline shape in Adobe Illustrator and then import that into my 3d modeling program. From there, I could extract, extrude, trim, and cut to get the wheel looking like it should.

Pro tip: if you want to add some realistic detail to this, check out my brake vector illustration. It would probably look really great sitting behind this wheel.

So now that I have the wheels built, I’ve got absolutely no use for this vector line drawing. I figured someone else might find it useful, so up on TrashedGraphics it goes.

Download (zip file in Adobe Illustrator CS6 .ai format)

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