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Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about how much time I spend on design concepts that actually make it out into the real world versus the ones that don’t, and it was actually quite depressing to realize most of what I do on a daily basis never makes it beyond my own computer screen. However, I do know that this is mostly my fault. You see, I’m one of those visual designers who likes to try a lot of different things before settling on one design direction, so that means a lot of “waste” in terms of unused graphics. I usually end up with a ton of half-finished design comps by the time I start focusing on one idea, so I built as a place to archive most of that stuff.

Recently I was asked by a client to create a simple generic vector ACME logo for a presentation he was putting together, and this is one of the loose concepts I came up with just to see if it was what he had in mind. It wasn’t, but no worries. I just changed a few things to make it look like something totally unrelated to his presentation content, and voila – instant content for this website.

The designer in me can picture this logo as the starting point for anything related to machinery or industrial businesses, but for the sake of being generic I just added a few small bits of text that reads “ACME brand sprockets & gears”. Of course you can make it into whatever you want, but I would suggest spending a bit of time on the typography and create somehting that matches your own brand. As I said before, what I’ve created here is totally generic – the ACME text is Arial, so please do yourself a favor and replace that with something nice!

Download the vector source file

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