Gold coins template for PowerPoint

This is a highly versatile presentation template. The cover slide features a close-up view of two stacks of generic gold coins, which can probably cause you to interpret this theme in several different ways. You might think of it as a financial-specific theme, but at the same time, it wouldn’t be so far-fetched to use this template for any business presentation related to profits and sales.

Another nice thing about this design is that the gold coins on the cover slide are so big that you (or your talented visual designer) could imprint anything you wanted on them. It’s those kinds of details which make your presentation template memorable for your audience, so don’t be afraid to customize this one however you like. Heck, you could put your company logo on there – or a portrait – or nearly any other thing you could think of which ties into the content of your presentation.

I tend to like the bold colors of this one. Most of my templates seem to gravitate towards neutral colors such as gray, but this one is blinged-out without being too far over the top. That being said, sometimes it’s nice to add little splashes of bright colors to your presentation templates, much like how I did with my fully editable 3d charts template. In that one, the use of bright orange as an accent color helps to keep the slides interesting and engaging for your audience, much like the way the gold “bling” of the coins in this template do.

Feel free to add your own bronze or gold accents to the pages you create for this theme – a little consistency throughout your entire slide deck is important!

Click here to download this gold coins theme

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