Red angular PowerPoint template cover page in Photoshop PSD format

Continuing with the PowerPoint templates, here is another one that I made a long time ago that never made the cut. The client was looking for something edgy and “red”, and I struggled with this one for a long time before I finally threw in the towel. The problem isn’t necessarily the design – I think it’s rather sharp looking – but I couldn’t seem to tame the amount of banding in the gradients (which was a result of using too much transparency in the red and dark areas). Yeah, gradient banding is the worst! I’ve lost many a cool illustration to this nasty graphic design phenomenon.

Anyway, I think this PowerPoint template cover page is still usable – especially since most presentations are projected by sub-par projectors that won’t show all the little glitches. So if you can live with that, please download and enjoy this fully editable PSD file!

download this file in Photoshop PSD format

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