PowerPoint template for manufacturing and technology

It shouldn’t be surprising that most of the presentation templates that I create are focused around technology concepts and themes. After all, I spent 20 years working for large tech companies, and I know that the corporate culture of those places revolves entirely around PowerPoint (as sad and depressing as that may be). Every idea and thought at each company was communicated through a complex slide deck, usually stuffed full of bad clip art of generic tech hardware.

buy the full 3 page 3d circuit and tech powerpoint template

That’s part of the reason why I started building trashedgraphics.com in the first place. I saw my fair share of badly designed slide decks, which made me pull most of my hair out, and I knew that it didn’t really have to be like that. Hopefully what I’m doing is useful for those of you out there in the corporate world who are in desperate need of nice looking slide decks.

Anyway, this theme is yet another one of my attempts at creating a generic (but visually strong) template that is perfectly constructed to be filled with your tech-related and manufacturing related content. The cover slide is broken up into two halves, one side featuring a 3d illustration of an electronic circuit, and the other side is reserved for your title text and other information. If you work in a factory which manufactures tech-related goods, this is the template for you!

I also chose to use red as an accent color, but you can easily change that to whatever you like to better match your existing corporate brand.

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