Side view vector line drawing of a Nissan GT-R

It should be obvious by now how much of a car guy I am, so for those that have been curious about why I post so many automotive graphics, there you go. I just thought I’d clear that up before starting this post. 🙂

Remember that detailed vector line drawing of an automotive disc brake that I posted a few weeks ago? This Nissan GT-R illustration was the reason for creating that. Yeah, for some reason or another I thought I wanted to start drawing very detailed side profile drawings of cars, but that quickly fizzled out once I realized how much work that was going to be.

I’m a car guy through and through and that was just one of the many side projects I’ve attempted over the years trying to incorporate my love of illustration with my passion for cars. If it weren’t for my really short attention span, I’m sure I’d have a catalog full of detailed car drawings by now!

nissan GT-R vector download

A fully editable side view vector illustration of an R35 GT-R (in .EPS and .AI format) that can be scaled to any size. You can also change line thicknesses. Woo hoo!

buy vector EPS and AI

But it just wasn’t meant to be. I’m not going ahead with that project, and that means I might as well post what progress I made here to A word of warning though: this is vector line illustration is FAR from complete, so that means that you are going to find lots and lots of open paths and maybe a stray point or two.

Open paths aren’t necessarily a bad thing, as it will allow for maximum flexibility when it comes to making edits. It’s precisely the reason why all the paths in my drawings of hands holding phones drawings were left open.

This drawing is just as I left it, and I did very little to clean it up so that I could post it here. My reasoning for that was simple: if I was going to spend the time to clean it up and get things organized, that would essentially be “finishing” the drawing. I had very little desire to finish it, so here it is. Far from perfect, but ready for some TLC!

The Nissan GT-R is definitely one of my favorite cars at the moment, but one of the things I learned about doing this side view drawing is that very few cars actually look good from this angle. The GT-R is a tough-looking and beautiful machine in person and in pictures, but when viewed from the side like this, it loses that tough elegance really quick.

And like I said – this applies to all cars, and not just the GT-R. So yeah – if I’m going to draw cars, I’d rather do it from some more exciting angles!

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