Simple gray and white smartphone cover slide templates for Keynote

I’m a sucker for simplicity, and that’s why I happen to like these two smartphone-themed cover slide templates for Keynote. I recently created them as part of a series of concepts revolving on a heavily mobile-specific theme, and wouldn’t you know it…these were the first two to get rejected. It’s pretty much like that with everything I design for others these days – the stuff I like will be poo-poo’d right off the bat, while the design concepts that make me feel almost embarrassed to show are the winners. Strange profession this is.

white and gray smartphone keynote cover slide template

Another version of the same template with the copyright block removed and all elements centered

My idea for these two keynote templates was simple: “modularity” is the best way to describe it, as I wanted to leave the page as clean as possible with large blocks of imagery and text added where necessary. I had also intended that content specific to my client could be placed on the smartphone screen, which would make this presentation very unique and personalized. But I never got that far – my client saw these two in their current state and waved them off as “not what we want”.

My loss is your gain. Download and enjoy!

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