Sunset lake PowerPoint template

My parents are lucky to live right next to a small lake that is at the center of their community in southeast Florida. One of the things I look forward to each time I visit is sitting out on their back patio in the early mornings and at sunset – the view is always peaceful and nice.

The weather during my last trip was a mix of clouds and sun, and that resulted in some really nice sunsets over the course of the week. I took a ton of photos every day, and the interesting thing about looking at them now is that they all seem to be different. It’s hard to imagine the sunsets changing on a daily basis, but different weather patterns can create stunning scenery. And since I’ve been using my photography in PowerPoint templates lately, I might as well continue the trend…

The photo I chose for the cover of this PowerPoint template was taken one evening right at sunset just as a rain shower had passed. I like the purple and blue tones, which gives it a very mysterious look combined with the whispy clouds in the sky.

I chose orange as the accent color, which is complimentary to the blue and creates a lot of visual contrast. I like little hits of color like that – it’s a great way to create focal points at various places around the template.

Do you like this theme? I’ve got a lot of other sunset photos over the lake from this trip (and they all look different), so I can do more if anybody wants them.

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