Vector gold award badges

Remember in my last post how I wrote about how my main client had asked me to create a little badge graphic to be placed over top of an existing banner? Here are some graphics which came from another similar request. Yes, it happens a lot (more than I’d like).

The task was simple: all I had to do was to create a simple award badge that would be placed into an existing web page, and it was important for it to be readable at small sizes. They supplied with the exact text for the badge, but did not give me much more (critical) info about placement in the page…or even the exact size that it needed to be for all that matter. It’s like I was designing blind…

But hey, I am a professional after all, so I went ahead and created a ton of really quick and loose concepts such as these. I usually like to work that way at the start of a project, just working fast and quick, putting more emphasis on concept generation than quality and pixel-perfect illustrations.

These two didn’t make it past the first round. They are both based on a generic gold seal that I created for my generic award certificate template a long time ago, and to be honest, I didn’t like they direction these were headed in. I did a few other concepts which were much better – primarily because they fit better with the design language of the website they would be placed on.

Anyway, you can download the vector source file by clicking here. Note that I didn’t create outlines for the text on these, so you’ll need Times New Roman and Eurostile (two very common fonts).

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