Vector medical symbol

It’s kind of unfortunate that I wasn’t able to use this vector illustration of a medical symbol for anything. This was supposed to be part of an icon set I was working on a long time ago, but the client ultimately cancelled the project and I was left with a bunch of half-finished illustrations such as this one. I guess it wouldn’t have been as unfortunate if it hadn’t taken as long as it did to create. If I recall correctly, this medical symbol took me about 3 hours to do. It’s very intricate, and getting the proportions correct took a long time.

Although this is just a silhouette, the plan was to create a highly detailed and glossy version of it. While part of me is glad that the project was cancelled before I wasted too much more time on it, another part of me is bummed that I didn’t get a chance to polish this into a really sharp looking icon. Oh well – I hope it’s useful for others. Click on the button below to download the file in Adobe Illustrator CS3 format.

download this medical symbol illustration in Adobe Illustrator format

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