Blue keynote cover slide with large typography and mobile phones

Continuing with the mobile device theme, here’s another keynote cover slide template using the same graphics as the last one that I uploaded. This time, I added a bit of color to the page (a slight blue gradient) and then simplified everything overall – but it looks totally different.

I’m a big fan of large typography at the the moment, which I think works particularly well for title slides in presentation templates. You want your content to be noticed and using large typography is one way to get that done. Of course it’s easy to go overboard if the typeface is too crazy or heavy, so using thin or ultra-thin fonts like this tends to work well.

Note that you can easily change the blue gradient color on this slide if you don’t like it – it’s a Keynote object, so you can change it to whatever you like without having to create another background in a separate graphics editing program like Photoshop.

Download the source file

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