Fully editable org chart design in Photoshop PSD format

Of all the graphics I ever made in my career so far, this may have been one of the most important. A long time ago I was part of a small design department within a large corporation, and we had been given an ultimatum by the board of directors: prove your worth to the company (i.e., find something to do) or risk being cut. Even though I was only a low level designer at the time who didn’t have much pull in the company, I did what I could to help save our department. This org chart template was something I created for the slide deck that our design director was going to pitch to the board.

Back then I only worked in Photoshop, so this is a fully editable PSD file. I realize that a vector illustration would be much more useful, so I’ve updated some of the elements to vector shapes. Therefore, it’s still somewhat scalable and flexible if you need to scale and stretch this into different proportions – especially if you are looking for an org chart that can contain many names. If you need more room, just stretch the background container as wide as you need it to be to fit all your content.

I also updated the background image with a simple 3d rendering that I created of a modern touch screen smartphone, which isn’t the original image I used for the original design. But since this is a fully editable PSD file, you can change that image to be whatever you want.

So, did this org chart help to save our design department? Unfortunately, no. We were all let go from the company shortly after that big meeting, but things eventually worked out better for me and everyone else involved. That’s the way it goes sometimes!

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