7 of the coolest smokey background images you’ll ever see

I’ll admit it. I love smokey background images. As a matter fact, I’ve been creating smoky backgrounds for years, since it’s a quick and easy way to add a dark and mysterious texture to things like websites, banners, and posters.

The following is a collection of some of my most favorite smokey background graphics that I’ve ever created. Feel free to use the lower resolution versions however you wish (but there’s a link to purchase the full resolution set if you need them).

7 smokey background images for a wide variety of uses

The smoke texture that I used for the following background images was actually created in 3d. I used a plug-in for Maya that was actually built for creating hair and water, but it turns out that it did smoke really well too. Here’s the full set:

Pink Smoke Background

3d illustration of a transparent white horizontal card over top of a smokey pink background (I actually used this as a base for my Virus PowerPoint template)

Glowing Yellow Smoke Background

3d illustration of illuminated smoke over a yellow and black background

Teal Smoke Background

3d illustration of transparent white smoke over top of a texured teal and gray background pattern

Red Smoke Background

3d illustration of a transparent bar pattern over top of a red and orange smoke texture background

Blue Smoke Background With Globe

3d illustration of a transparent globe over top of a blue smoke texture (I used this one as a base for my baseball PowerPoint template)

Red Smokey Globe Background

3d illustration of a transparent globe over top of a translucent smoke texture on a red and black background (this would look fantastic as the background image for my editable org chart PSD template btw)

Green Swirl Background With Horizontal Lines

3d illustration of a transparent globe over top of an abstract green swirl smoke background with horizontal white lines

Get the high resolution versions of these background images

If you need them, click on the link below to get all of these image in very high resolution. Most are 5000 x 3000 pixels wide, but one is slightly lower (3333 by 2300 pixels wide). Either way, all of them are suitable for printing at up to 32 inches wide with no loss of quality.

Note that there is no watermark on the high-resolution versions.

download the full set in high resolution

What are these images best suited for?

As of already mentioned, I’ve use these smoky background images for a wide variety of different things. Back in my corporate days, I used them a lot for the backgrounds of flyers and posters. We were always printing flyers and posters!

I’ve also used them for web banners. The soft smoke texture in these images is incredibly versatile, and cropping into anyone of these very tightly can give you nearly any kind of pattern or texture that you’re looking for.

Other possible uses:

  • You can use these in marketing materials for a smoke shop
  • They would make a for a really awesome background texture for a book cover
  • Use them as wrapping paper. I credit this idea to one of my customers who did just that. The results looked amazing!
  • Create stationary (or postcards) out of them

A few final thoughts about this collection of smokey backgrounds

Long story short, I’m not always comfortable doing these kinds of “loose” illustrations. My comfort zone is most definitely within the bounds of straight edges and geometric patterns. For example, my vector line background illustration is a perfect example of my everyday style.

Do you like these? I’ll admit that I do, thank you very much. Perhaps I’ll do more if I get enough requests…

download the full set in high resolution

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