Keynote template for travel agents

Travel is one of my biggest passions in life, and I’m usually that guy in the window seat with my nose glued to the window of whatever type of vehicle I happen to be in. It doesn’t matter if it’s a car, boat, or airplane – I very much enjoy the act of moving and “going somewhere”. I also like to take pictures along the way, if possible, especially from airplane windows. It’s an amazing world up there in the clouds, and I never could understand the folks who close the window shade immediately after taking their seat on an airplane.

That passion for travel and photography is what inspired this Keynote template. The cover slide features a photo that I took on a late afternoon flight from Atlanta to San Diego about two years ago as were passing somewhere over Alabama, and I like the soft blue tones and “calm” feeling of the image. It has a really nice neutral color palette which I thought would work nicely as a featured photo. I love using my own photos in presentation templates!

The interior slides are all white, with blue accents used in certain places. Take note, however, that the generic red company logo that I used is a key design element in this slide deck – so these slides might not look so good if you don’t have a bright / colorful logo of your own. If you don’t, you might consider just writing the name of your company in white text inside of that red box like I have done.

You could probably use this template for presentations related to air travel – or just travel in general (great for travel agents). It would also be great for airline-related topics or anything tied to the commercial aviation industry.

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