4 beautiful medical PowerPoint templates

Of all the industries that I create presentation templates for, healthcare is one of my favorite. I’m nowhere near smart enough to even consider being a doctor, but it’s a fast paced and amazingly interesting industry to design for. With that being said, here are four of my favorite medical PowerPoint templates that I have available right now:

Blue and silver slide deck with a frosted glass medical symbol

To be honest, it’s a bit difficult to create a professional-looking but very bright healthcare and medical PowerPoint templates (I tried with my brain PowerPoint template – it was hard). My preference is for a very simplistic design style with lots of contrast. It’s something I can easily achieve with vibrant colors against silver or metallic accents.

That’s exactly why this is my favorite medical-themed template I’ve created to date. Its incredibly simple, yet really powerful thanks to the 3d model of the medical symbol I created specifically for this ppt template (note that I have the vector version available for free if you need it).

3d medical symbol PowerPoint

Fully editable Microsoft Powerpoint presentation template with a blue and silver medical symbol theme.

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The frosted glass material of the medical symbol really pops off against that dark blue background, and the silver section along the left edge gives it a touch of flair. Yes, I hate adding “flair” to anything I design, but sometimes it works.

I had a hard time restraining myself on the interior slides. I wanted to carry that frosted glass medical symbol into those content pages somehow, but everything I tried just looked so forced. In the end, keeping those slides clean and light was the best option IMHO. The only design accent here is a narrow sliver of that silver material from the cover slide.

You might also be interested to know that I almost made this template red instead of blue. Red seems to be more popular in the medical world, but to be honest, it was really overkill (and somewhat bloody). I think the blue is vibrant enough while sill looking classy and professional (and not bloody lol).

Medical and healthcare template for PowerPoint

I’m never really sure how my stock illustrations will be used, but every now and then I create one with a single purpose in mind. The medical symbol illustration used on the cover slide of this PowerPoint template was created with the thought that it would be perfect as the cover of a book or presentation – hence the reason for the large white borders along the top or bottom. These borders act as a nice frame for the image, as well as helping to give the image a clean and sterile feel (which makes sense for medical PowerPoint templates). Yeah, I know that the perfect stock image is one that isn’t so focused, but hey – sometimes the visual designer in me can’t help myself.

Beautiful medical PowerPoint template

Fully editable Microsoft Powerpoint presentation template with a layered medical symbol theme.

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Anyway, aside from the cover slide, this is a very simple and clean PowerPoint template for medical and healthcare purposes. The interior slides are pure white – and I hate to use the word “sterile”, but yeah…that’s what they are. It’s totally by design of course, as I think that any sort of presentation template related to the healthcare and medical field needs to look clean and pure in order to establish credibility.

To be honest, I had a little bit of difficulty trying to come up with a good design for the interior pages of this one as well (seems to be a common theme). I tried a few things like adding a large nearly-invisible (watermarked) medical symbol to the center, but it just got in the way of the content.

Adding color was a bit difficult as well because of my intention to keep things as clean as possible. As I said: medical PowerPoint templates need to be left clean and pure IMHO! In the end, I just decided to add a small 90% black version of my vector medical symbol to the bottom left corner. I think it’s a nice design detail without being too distracting.

Flat design healthcare and medical PowerPoint template

Want to know a secret? This ppt template didn’t turn out anything like I thought it would. As a matter of fact, I had fully intended to create a multimedia and audio theme based on some 3d renderings of speakers and wires that I created a long time ago! So how the heck did it end up turning into a healthcare and medical theme with a flat design language? I wish I could tell you, but sometimes I lose track of what I’m doing and I just try different things until I’m satisfied with the design. Sometimes it works out like I had planned, and sometimes (like this time) it doesn’t.

Medical theme PowerPoint

Fully editable Microsoft PowerPoint presentation template with a gray and green flat design medical and healthcare theme.

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I was on a conference call when I created this PowerPoint deck, and I was assuming that it would just be a quick little project that I could do to kill some time while on the call. Well, I couldn’t get the images composed like I would have liked, and the colors were all wrong, so I stripped everything out and discovered a really nice and clean template underneath all that junk that I was trying to put into it.

There was a nice grid structure with solid blocks of color that I was using as containers for the images, which looked pretty good stripped bare and exposed. So I went with that and threw in a transparent white medical logo over top just because. It’s really amazing how my mind works sometimes. I don’t always accomplish what I set out to do, but at least I’m happy that I was able to save this design – successfully enough to include it in my post about beautiful medical PowerPoint templates.

Of all of my other presentation templates with a healthcare and medical theme, this one is probably my favorite due to the simplicity of the flat design language.

But there’s no reason why it has to be limited to a healthcare theme! That medical logo is a completely separate element from the structure of these slides so you can simply delete it and you’ve got yourself a nice and clean PowerPoint template for business.

The colors can be changed to whatever you like, which makes this theme extremely versatile. You also don’t have to use the full screen table in this template if you don’t like that style – I’ve got plenty of other templates with a flat design language, so just browse my gallery and pick and choose what you like.

Prescription drug and medication PowerPoint template

When it comes to medical PowerPoint templates, it would have been a sin not to include at least one version related to prescription drugs and medication. After all, medicine is the backbone of our healthcare industry so I had some fun creating this ppt template featuring a large orange prescription medication bottle and little white pills.

Prescription drug theme PowerPoint

Fully editable Microsoft Powerpoint presentation template with a prescription drug and medication theme

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Side effects of this slide deck are unknown. As I said at the top of this post, I’m just a lowly visual designer who has no business stepping foot into any kind of laboratory (though I did create two science PowerPoint templates once) – so use this template (and all of my medical PowerPoint templates for that matter) at your own risk. Haha!

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