Instagram theme for PowerPoint

I’m not much into social networking, but I’ll admit that Instagram is fun. I’ve got several accounts (two that are hobby related, one for business), and it’s the only social network that I truly enjoy posting on. All the others – not so much. I’d rather be creating content than posting stuff on Facebook and Twitter! But I do know how powerful social media can be so it’s not something I avoid completely. Heck, my Facebook theme from two years ago was one of my most popular templates on my old template site, so that should say a lot right there.

Anyway, here is a presentation template with an Instagram theme. The cover slide features a large rendering of a 3d Instagram app icon which I made several years ago, and I placed it over top of a large version of the lens texture from the icon itself. At first glance it may appear to be just an abstract gradient, but it’s actually part of the icon illustration. I did choose to keep things much more simple on the interior slides though – the only carryover element from the cover is a few select colors strategically placed within certain elements.

I also wasn’t sure what to do with the typography of this template. I wanted to stay with the Instagram theme as much as possible, so I let go of my tried and true Helvetica font that I’ve been using on nearly every template I’ve created for the past year or so and used Bookman instead. This is very close (but not totally identical) to the typeface used for the “Insta” text in the app icon, so I went with that for the titles. I’m not sure if I totally like it though, and you can certainly change it to whatever you’d like from within the slide masters.

Download the .ppt source file

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