NFL Football PowerPoint Template

Several weeks ago I created some variants of a football field PowerPoint template with glass and metal textures, and I was recently thinking that it would work really nicely with the NFL logo too. Well…here you go! Yeah, it’s basically the same template as one of those other ones, except for the cover slide. In this case, there’s a huge metal NFL logo in place of where the silver football was.

NFL football powerpoint template

Fully editable Microsoft Powerpoint presentation template. Includes cover, text, and table pages. NFL Football theme.

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Creating an NFL football PowerPoint template was a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be

If I had more time, I think it would be fun to add some really cool slide transitions to this template. I’m thinking something like what we see on FOX NFL Sunday where they animate the logo and incorporate it into their “transformers” theme. Of course I wouldn’t get that crazy with it but I think it could be pretty interesting to have that big logo drop into place, and even spin away as you transition into the interior slides. But we all know how annoying slide transitions can be, so therefore I have restrained myself. Which says a lot considering how over the top I can be at times.

A brief explanation of how this slide deck came to be

I’ve mentioned it before in some of my other posts, but I used to do a ton of 3d design work. Many of my recent presentation templates feature those 3d renderings, including this one. This particular 3d NFL logo was used for a social media campaign that a friend of mine was running (his business in sports and Football) and it was fun to come up with some vivid graphics to help his promotion. FYI, I based the creation of this 3d rendering on the free vector NFL logo I posted a short while back.

The addition of that 3d NFL logo over top of a watermarked graphic of a football field on the cover slide makes this one of my favorite PPT templates I have ever created. It’s got a level of depth to it that I think is a requirement for any good football PowerPoint template. And the fact that the visual design blends into the interior slides is just the icing on the cake.

Speaking of the interior slides, not much has changed from that other template. The only difference, (which may not even be noticeable when you project this on a large screen) is that the watermarked football field markings have been removed and replaced with stars from the logo. Yeah, it’s kind of hard to see these kinds of little details, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to keep them in.

How to make this Football PowerPoint template your own

Customization of this slide deck is best handled by adding in full screen photo slides between your content pages. The 3d NFL logo on the cover slide is part of the background image, so it’s position is fixed and unmovable.

Dark and rich photography is what is needed to take this football PowerPoint template to the next level, and by doing so, you’ll make it a better fit for the message you are presenting.

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