PowerPoint template for the commercial fishing industry

Much like the flat-design PowerPoint templates I recently uploaded, here’s another one that’s been sitting in my archives for a long time. I didn’t like this commercial fishing template at all when I first created it about a year ago, and I put in my “junk” pile thinking that I’ll come back to it some day to try and salvage what I could from it. And you know what? It’s been so long since I’ve seen this template that looking at it with a fresh set of eyes was all it took to make me have a change of opinion. I kind of like it! Now the only question is: does the commercial fishing industry need fancy PowerPoint templates such as this?

buy the table grid flat design PowerPoint template

Even though it’s primary purpose is to be used for topics related to commercial fishing, the colors and layout are very similar to the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge template I created last year, complete with peach and gray accents over white. It’s clean and simple – and perhaps a bit too “clean” to be used in a template catering to the fishing industry. But this template doesn’t have to be relegated to fishing topics only. This could easily work for anything relating to boats in general – or even the marine and maritime industry.

If would like to darken things up a bit, I’d recommend replacing the white background with a solid dark blue (#354B58 / r=53 g=75 b=88). That’s the median color of the sky in the cover slide, and carrying that color through to all the slides would tie everything together nicely. Just be sure to update the colors of the table to match.

Anyway, I took this photo during an early morning photoshoot around the San Diego bay way back in 2004. And the most interesting thing about that is I was just at this same spot about a month ago and it looks exactly the same as it did back then. Many of these same fishing boats are still there!

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