PowerPoint template with 3D Pinterest logos

Following right on the heels of my Instagram theme for Powerpoint, I present you this fancy-schmancy Pinterest template. Yep, this is another 3d rendering I created a couple years ago that I’m happy to give new life to as the cover of a 3-page PowerPoint deck!

To be honest, I’m not really sure how many people out there are in dire need of a Pinterest-themed slide deck, but it was so simple to put together that I thought that it certainly wouldn’t hurt to upload and distribute it. But I suppose what I mentioned in my write-up about the Instagram deck applies to this one too: you don’t have to take it so literally and relegate it to Pinterest topics only – there’s really nothing wrong with using this for general social media presentations. I think your audience could easily make the connection and mentally associate it with whatever you are discussing.

On a completely unrelated note, I made an interesting discovery as I was putting this one together: I really like red presentation templates (such as my “Retail Red” theme)! To say that they are attention-grabbing is an understatement – most everyone giving presentations tend to stay on the safe side of the color spectrum, afraid to use bold colors for reasons I don’t quite understand. Don’t be afraid to take a chance and WOW your audience with a splash of bright red every now and then! Of course the amount of red you choose depends entirely on your audience, but I’ve given a lot of presentations in corporate settings where I could could see my audience sit up and take notice as soon as I tossed up my first bright red slide.

The font I used in this template is Helvetica Nueue, so you’ll need that (or something similar) to replicate the thin typography used throughout.

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