PowerPoint templates for global and international business

I remember being in college in the mid 1990s, thinking how fun difficult it would be to run an “international” business of some kind – or at least a business that had occasional clients and business from other countries. This was right before the internet took off like gang busters, so any hopes and dreams I had about running a multinational company were just that – hopes and dreams.

Once the internet took off in about 1996 or so, my thoughts about running an international business of some kind (whatever the heck that meant) came back in full force and it didn’t take long before I set up my first website trying to sell my graphic design services. Never mind that I never found a single client with that website, but it still didn’t stop me from calling myself an internet entrepreneur.

One thing that I didn’t have back then (which would have come in really handy) were PowerPoint templates that were nice-looking enough to make it appear that I was a legit businessman – whether it was actually true or not. It’s too late for me now (I’ve moved on from trying to appear as if I know what I’m doing), but luckily for you, I’ve been working on some global-themed presentation templates which are aimed to help all you startups out there who are in need of a little design help. Check these out:

Global energy PowerPoint template

global energy PowerPoint template

3-page global energy PowerPoint theme featuring a globe with swirling textures

I don’t know where exactly my attraction to working with illustrations and 3d renderings of globes came from, but I’ve been doing it for years and it’s not something I’ve ever been able to break away from. Perhaps it all started back in the mid 2000’s when I got into creating stock illustrations – because back then, “global business” themes were all the rage and I focused on that pretty heavily. Anyway, there’s just something visually powerful about placing a transparent (and obnoxiously glossy) globe over top of a textured background that makes the visual designer in me tremble in the knees. It’s a sickness, I know.

On that note, let me introduce you to my latest PowerPoint template. It’s a global energy theme, with a cover slide that features one of those glossy transparent globes over top of a smokey swirl texture. That same texture, by the way, is incorporated into the sample table I included on one of the interior slides. So that’s a nice little design detail that carries over from page to page and helps to tie this whole thing together.

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I also decided to reuse the transparent ribbon title blocks from my recent mobile phone template on the cover slide – mostly because the colors are very similar and I figured it would work pretty good with this slide deck as well. They are separate elements and can be removed completely if you’d prefer not to use them.

Targeting global customers PowerPoint template

global business targets PowerPoint

3-page global customers PowerPoint template

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This particular template features a transparent glass globe sitting on a metal target, which visualizes the “global business customers” concept perfectly. The color scheme of this three-page template is intentionally simple and muted, allowing the red tones of the target stand out to make a high-powered visual impact that’ll punch you right in the face. It’ll really help if your brand colors have a bit of red in them as well.

International construction company PowerPoint template

global construction powerpoint theme

International construction company 3-page PowerPoint template

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This silver and yellow global industry template was designed to be generic enough to be used in a wide variety of presentations dealing with construction or manufacturing topics. The cover page features a glossy earth surrounded by chrome fastener nuts, which are then repeated in a smaller size on the interior pages.

International textile company PowerPoint template

textile and fabric company powerpoint slides

3-page Microsoft PowerPoint presentation template for textile companies

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I have absolutely zero connection with the textile and fabric industry, so it’s interesting that I personally know of three different people who run that sort of business. And guess what? A majority of their clients are international, and they source many of their products from overseas as well. Is there anything more global than a textile business? Maybe not, and I hope this PowerPoint template (featuring a transparent globe over a bronze silk texture) can help you take your fabric and textile business to the next level.

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