Red vector car illustrations with outline

This vector sports car illustration is a perfect example of my ambition getting ahead of myself a bit. For some reason or another I got the idea in my head that I wanted to start building a large database of side view car illustrations. I did this one first, and by the time I finished the second one (which I’ll post soon), I was pretty much over it. Vector car itch scratched!

The style of the car is a bit cartoonish (by design) – but it is slightly more detailed than the simple van drawing I posted while back. I didn’t set out to create something totally photorealistic, and I was almost trying to do something that would work well as a small icon instead of a large-highly detailed illustration. Besides, I was quite busy at the time and I had too many other projects going on that I needed to tend to after I completed this. I know I know…excuses.

Also included is a detailed line drawing. This might be more useful than the fully rendered version of the car anyway, as that way you can do whatever you want with it. Paint it pink and splatter it with flowers for all I care!

Please click here to download the file in Adobe Illustrator 5 format.

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