Simple car racing game UI in PSD format

Okay, those of you paying attention are probably starting to notice that I’ve reached the point in my archives where I’m starting to post my “30 minutes or less” design comps. It all started with my 30-minute soda can labels.

Both of those projects were needed for background props that were never intended to be award winning design, but they each served their purpose well. And now, I’ve got another quickie design layout for you – this is a mock game UI for a car racing game that I needed for a presentation about two years ago. I needed a simple game UI to map onto the screen of a mobile device, and this is what I threw together.

I spent all of 10 minutes on this, and it shows. The race car was something I modeled in 3d a few years ago. So as you can see, having a decent archive of existing elements is nice to have!

Anyway, as mentioned above, this is not what I consider to be good design and I’m not suggesting that you produce a game UI that follows this mockup exactly. But if all you need is just a simple representation of a car racing game, this should do the job nicely. And since it’s a layered PSD file, you can move and tweak stuff all you want.

One of these days I’d like to put together some comps for a real game UI. The truth is that I don’t really have that much interest in gaming, but I think it would be fun to loosen up and get crazy with some really fun UI elements. The header graphics that I created last year would be a good start for that kind of project…

Download the PSD file

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