Transparent vector 3d shapes

I had big plans for these little guys. The assignment was to create a series of highly stylized icons that were based on basic shapes (a cube, cylinder, and cone) and I built these basic elements in Adobe Illustrator to use as a skeleton for each of them. I was then planning on adding lots of little details in Photoshop to make them really pop. These were going to be great!

But like it happens so often with fast-moving projects, priorities change, and things get cancelled. This project wasn’t cancelled outright, but the scope and requirements changed before I had a chance to finish this icon set. I was bummed at the time, but the interesting thing is that I’ve had several opportunities to use these vector shapes in other projects – so all was not lost.

Anyway, please feel free to download them and use however you wish. I hope they are useful!

download these transparent vector 3d shapes in Adobe Illustrator format

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